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Information: COVID-19

Risk Assessments: 

COVID Risk Assessment - EYFS Autumn Term 2020

COVID Risk Assessment (General) - Autumn Term 2020

COVID Risk Assessment (Groups) Autumn Term 2020

School Arrangements during Closure

Home Learning:

  • Class blogs will be updated with pupil work, where possible, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • The work on class blogs is a suggested amount of work for pupils to complete; we would always prioritise mental health and well-being.  Our philosophy continues to be ‘do what you can’, there is no expectation on the amount of work which will be completed. 
  • We will not be marking or assessing any of the work completed during the period of school closure.
  • If you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with your child’s class teacher by email.

In School Care:

  • The school day runs from 9am to 3.30pm – pupils arrive and are picked up from the junior playground.

NB arrival is between 8.50-9am, drop off is between 3.30-3.40pm. Unfortunately, we may not be able to facilitate drop-off or pick-up outside of these times, if for any reason you are running late please telephone 020 7622 3919 to make alternative arrangements

  • Pupils will start the day with PE so need to come to school in their PE kit/ sportswear.
  • Pupils coming to school will be provided with lunch each day with no charge.
  • Pupils will be given time to complete their home learning during the school day each day.



The government have asked parents/carers to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

It is important to underline that schools, remain safe places for children. But the fewer children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society.

We are therefore being asked to continue to provide care for a limited number of children - children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents/carers are critical to the COVID-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.

Vulnerable children include children who are supported by social care, those with safeguarding and welfare needs, including child in need plans, on child protection plans, ‘looked after’ children, young carers, disabled children and those with education health care plan.

Parents/carers whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response. Many parents/carers working in these sectors may be able to ensure their child is kept at home and every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.

Please, therefore, follow these key principles:

  1. If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.
  2. If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or has a parent who is a critical worker, then educational provision will be available for them.
  3. Parents/carers should not rely for childcare upon those who are advised to be in the stringent social distancing category such as grandparents, friends, or family members with underlying conditions.
  4. Parents/carers should also do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults.

All updates from Clapham Manor Primary School can be accessed via: 

For further information about COVID-19 related to education please visit the Department for Information helpline.  Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687 Email: Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

We thank you for your continued support,

The Senior Leadership and Management Team at Clapham Manor Primary School and Nursery.


Our school is committed to keeping you informed about the public health situation in respect of Coronavirus. As you will appreciate, this is a rapidly evolving situation, but Clapham Manor Primary School has robust policies and procedures in place, based on the latest government guidance, to manage the risk of further infection, and we are taking a very proactive approach and monitoring daily the official guidance from Public Health England, the Foreign Office and the Department for Education.  

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